Market Intelligence


Market Intelligence Report by CWP Advisors

The Market Intelligence Report is a straight forward valuation of a real estate asset. The comprehensive report is the result of studying the economic landscape, surveying supply, estimating demand, conducting interviews, and reviewing demographic and psychographic data. We collect and analyze all of the data needed to evaluate market conditions, determine competitive pricing and make informed decisions. Like an appraisal, the report includes several methodologies to determine value: comparable sales, cash flow, replacement cost and land residual modeling. Our clients order this report prior to making a loan or investment and update it periodically during the holding period. In many cases, our clients us the report to confirm or refute the valuation derived from a traditional appraisal.


CWP Advisors will analyze several market factors, which include an evaluation of competitive properties, employment, housing, area demographics, comparable sales, prospective user surveys and various other general market conditions.

After conducting this assessment, we will execute a marketing strategy specific to the property. The goal is to assist the client in the sale of their property in the shortest possible time frame at the highest possible price to a qualified buyer.