Due Diligence


Due Diligence with CWP Advisors

Our due diligence process including independently verifying all representations made by a prospective seller as well as to uncover pertinent facts which have not been disclosed but which are important to the buyer.

There are a countless details to be considered when purchasing real estate. In addition to the physical condition of the property, we evaluate intangibles that and influence the value property or feasibility of development. We review every document concerning the land, building and its operation. We also do proprietary research on all internal and external factors likely to affect its economic health, now and in the future.

The Due Diligence Report provides a comprehensive examination of commercial and residential real estate assets. Due diligence includes financial modeling, market analysis, physical improvement studies, governmental agency compliance, and overall document review. The report is an essential tool equally valuable to creditors, owners and investors of real estate. Our clients order this report prior to making a loan or investment, particularly in real estate development. It is an invaluable guide to help our clients make informed decisions.


Regardless of the nature of the proposed investment, we advise each of our clients to perform due diligence on each loan, income producing property, development plan, debt financing or equity placement. This information enables others to make informed lending and investing decisions.

Thorough due diligence assessment removes uncertainty from key decisions that must be made when analyzing the cost/benefit of any transaction. Having an independent evaluation from CWP Advisors ensures that the client has an enlightened and clear assessment of a project’s potential and pitfalls. In addition, our analysis allows our client to present an opportunity to partners, investors, lenders and/or buyers with confidence.

Most importantly, the investor will reduce the possibility of receiving unpleasant and possibly detrimental news after the closing. At closing, the property with all of its faults belongs to the buyer and the buyer will have to live with the consequences. Buyer beware.