Asset Management


CWP Advisors' asset management services


  • Business plan formation, implementation and management
  • Competitive market analysis and evaluation of changes in market and property conditions
  • Providing real estate valuation analysis and financial modeling
  • Due diligence and pre-acquisition/disposition analysis

Special Representation

  • Ownership association representation
  • Sales and marketing plan formation and administration
  • Dispute resolution
  • Investor relations


CWP Advisors' Asset Management practice is focused on providing professional residential and commercial real estate management services to financial institutions as well as investors and property owners. We provide both strategic and operational services for clients who own vacant land, partially developed projects and completed buildings. The role of CWP Advisors is highly dependent on the type, financial health and physical condition of the asset with the goal to maximize value and efficiency.

CWP Advisors brings a unique combination of experience, strategic thinking, and principal-level operational perspective. We provide oversight of investments for our clients by proactively monitoring real estate assets primarily through a hands-on approach to property stewardship. We oversee operational activities, coordination and communication among stakeholders and related third parties. The ultimate goal of these activities is to provide real time advice to our clients to enhance their potential to achieve maximum returns within the intended investment horizon.


  • Preparation, audit and supervision of budgets
  • Bidding, purchasing and contract administration
  • Property management company selection and supervision
  • Reviewing operating statements including comparison with approved budget and underwriting
  • Evaluating, coordinating and monitoring the distribution of cash generated from operations
  • Reviewing, analyzing and approving major leases, and annual operating and capital budgets
  • Reviewing and approving construction related draw requests
  • Identifying risk and proposing mitigating measures