Property Management


CWP Advisors' property management services

Lease Payment Collection

We maintain an aggressive rent collection policy for all existing tenants. Payment, in full, is expected on time. On the third day the tenant is visited personally with a friendly reminder that rent is due that day. On the fourth day, a Three Day Notice to Pay or Quit is served for the balance remaining unpaid and the tenant is notified that late fees have been incurred. Upon the seventh day, the tenant is informed that they will be turned over to the attorney for eviction on the tenth, if full payment is not received, and they will held responsible for all legal fees and collection costs. The only way to avoid the consequence of a legal eviction is to make immediate and full payment. Or they must vacate within three days, after signing the stipulated judgment form. On the tenth all documents pertaining to the delinquent tenant are forwarded to the attorney for processing. The manager is responsible for the processing of all delinquencies and legal proceedings, if required.


Prior to takeover, our property management team will analyze the property to determine the proper management fee. Fees typically range from 4%-10% of the gross rental income, as calculated using cash-basis accounting. Per the terms of our standard management agreement, we collect monthly management fees and lease-up fees for placing new tenants and a small stipend for administrative expenses. We also offer extremely competitive 7/24/365 roving maintenance labor rates. All fees are negotiable at the time of engagement.

Focused on Operational Excellence

CWP Advisors provides superior property management services with a clear focus on maximizing value. It is our core purpose to aggressively increase the income of the property while preserving the integrity of the asset and ultimately increasing the value. We manage each property from a principal-level perspective and we take a proactive role in property-level operations. We believe our success is directly correlated with achieving the operational and financial goals the owner establishes.


Our sophisticated property management software allows us to provide weekly, monthly and periodic reports to help you manage your investment. We provide numerous standardized reports and custom reports if requested.

Onsite Personnel

We believe that the most important service we provide to our clients is the hiring, training and support of the most qualified and dedicated on-site personnel in the industry. No matter how good the curb appeal or well located the building, if the on-site personnel are not well trained and dedicated to excellence, the property will not perform well. In order to meet occupancy goals it is essential to staff the property with the best-trained personnel possible and continually ensure that they have sharp and crisp leasing skills.


Proper maintenance is the best way to protect your investment. Unlike other management companies, we have a high-quality maintenance team qualified to perform maintenance work on your property as needed.

Lease Rates

The on-site manager keeps abreast of market conditions and competition and completes a periodic market survey. Current market rents will be evaluated accordingly and set monthly. Additionally, competitor’s rental rates, occupancy, and concessions will be spot checked on a weekly basis and any deviation noted will be immediately reported to senior management.