Typically, CWP Advisors is a rents, issues and profits receiver appointed under the specific performance provision of a deed of trust or assignment of rents.

In most cases, the court will order this type of receiver to take possession of a real estate asset, pending judicial foreclosure where conditions in the deed of trust have not been performed and the collateral is insufficient compared to the debt it secures.

The receiver is often ordered to preserve and protect the property, manage income-producing real property, operate a business, sell real property, collect accounts receivable, or otherwise carry-out the will of the court.

Find out more about appointing a state-court receiver in California, Arizona, Nevada, Oregon and Washington or a federal receiver.


CWP Advisors and its receivers are independent court-appointed receivers specializing in real estate receiverships.

We understand the need to preserve and protect assets when unexpected circumstances arise that threaten a creditor’s secured position.

We leverage decades of real estate management experience to provide best-in-class receivership services.

  • Receivers for over 20 years
  • Completed over 160 receiverships collectively
  • Actively managing receiverships today
  • Cost-effective fee structure
  • Local presence and network
  • Knowledgeable and Responsive