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Jun 8, 2009

CWP Advisors' Insight Maximizes Value for Pacific Vista

LISO VIEJO, CALIFORNIA - CWP Advisors LLC, a real estate receivership and asset management firm, was selected in June to manage the disposition of Pacific Vista, a new home community in San Clemente. A few short months later, CWP Advisors is pleased to announce Pacific Vista is sold. "When we accepted the engagement, we knew the assignment would be challenging. The transaction required professionals with significant hands-on development experience to maximize value for stakeholders," said Salvatore Provenza, Principal at CWP Advisors. CWP Advisors was responsible for marketing the property to strategic buyers, coordinating short-sale discussions and negotiating lien claims. "Experience and hard work ultimately translated into a higher purchase price," said Provenza. CWP Advisors managed the asset in cooperation with California Bank and Trust, a subsidiary of Utahbased Zions Bancorporation. Zions, a large financial institution with assets of over $50 billion, assumed the loan when the FDIC seized Alliance Bank and later assigned it to the bank. "To maximize the value of the property, Pacific Vista needed a unique mix of marketing savvy and development know-how. We are pleased with the results," said a spokesman for the ownership.

About CWP Advisors LLC

CWP Advisors was formed in response to the distressed real estate market. The Company offers Asset Management, Receivership Services and Sophisticated Resolution Solutions for real estate assets for owners and lenders invested in residential and commercial real estate.

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